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About The Camping Snug

Camping Snug

Log Cabins South West are proud to introduce the revolutionary Camping Snug. This unique self contained, fully insulated building has been
designed to be fully installed in minutes with the minimum of work.

The Camping Snug arrives fully built and is simply lifted off the lorry with a forklift or tele-handler using the fork extensions already built into the timber base. The Snug can then be simply carried to wherever you wish to site it.

There is no need for expensive base work and you can use this beautiful building as soon as the lorry leaves.

The timber base frame is fully pressure treated with the floor consisting of pressure treated sub-floor, 100mm insulation and tongue and groove pine flooring.

The walls and roof are insulated using the revolutionary multi-foil insulation to give a completely warm and snug environment ideal for an extra room in the garden for the private individual or on a commercial camp site offering a very coast effective option to generate a significant income. The Snug can easily sleep a family of four comfortably and are being currently hired out from £30 - £45 per night.

On seeing the Camping Snug I am sure you will find the build quality second to none and the athstetics of this unique building are amazing.

Specific Features

  • are built from wood
  • provide an attractive, dry and spacious camping area
  • have two double-glazed windows and lockable double-glazed french doors
  • have multi foil insulation inside the walls for winter warmth and summer cool as well as providing sound insulation
  • no pitching of tents when you arrive or dismantling when you leave
  • private and secure
  • TLX multi–foil insulation for roof
  • trickle vents in windows
  • safety glass as standard on doors
  • 5 year Guarantee for structure of building subject to correct handling
  • 2 year guarantee on windows
  • we can pre install electrical cables for sockets and light switches if required. (It is the customer’s responsibility to install fittings and have the installation tested and signed off by a registered electrician)


Standard 4m Camping Snug

Camping Snug Plan

Camping Snug Star Pod

Star Plan

Star Plan

Standard Features

  • Door Locks

    Door Locks

    Our market leading Double Glazed windows and doors are fitted as standard with a 5 point locking mechanisms.

  • Double Glazing

    Double Glazing

    All windows and doors are double glazed for the most luxurious camping experience possible.

  • Window Seals

    Window Seals

    Weather proof seal for a perfect shut every time and for years to come. By using quality windows and doors the useful life of the Camping Snug is maximised and therefore the possible revenue over time.

  • Curved Ceiling

    Curved Ceiling

    The Camping Snug has a truly unique design. Registered with the Intellectual Property Office - Design #4014983 Internal dimensions are maximised with our curved ceiling and porch layout.